Cote Hill Lincolnshire Cheese, unpasterised cheese produced in Market Rasen Lincolnshire
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Making Cote Hill Cheese


The morning milk at Cote Hill Farm is taken direct from the cows into the cheese production facility to be hand crafted into Cote Hill Blue, Cote Hill Yellow and Cote Hill Red. By using the milk directly from the cow to vat and not pasteurising allows the cheeses to develop their unique flavour.

Our Cote Hill Blue, soft and creamy in texture has Penicillium roqueforti added to the milk at the start of the make and this produces the blue veining. Salt is then rubbed into the surface and left for 24 hours. It is turned every three days and pierced to promote blue growth over a three week period, after which it is wrapped in waxed paper.

Cote Hill Yellow, a soft creamy cheese with a mellow flavour is brined for seven hours after which it is dried and coated in it's distinctive yellow wax. It is matured for two months and is then ready for sale.

Cote Hill Red is a semi hard cheese and is the new addition to our range. It is coated soon after brining with it's special red coating.. It matures for three months.

Cote Hill White is a soft, fresh, lactic cheese which is best eaten young.  It has a delicate, light texture and subtle lemony flavour.

Cote Hill Reserve is made in a similar way to the Red but it is matured at a slightly higher temperature and washed regularly in beer. The rind washing helps prevent unwanted moulds and encourages the growth of brevi-bacterium linens, which give the cheese its natural pink/orange rind, a complex aroma and a long depth of flavour.

Lindum is a new washed rind cheese.  It has a firm texture and is washed in local Tom Wood’s beer the same as the Reserve but it is matured longer for extra flavour.  It recently won a Gold medal and also the Best New Cheese at the 2014 British Cheese Awards.


Eating Cote Hill Blue Cheese

Cote Hill Cheese is best eaten at room temperature. Cote Hill is delightful baked in the oven or used in lasange and our yellow sits well as a pizza topping. See our recipe page for more ideas.
Cotehill's range of Cheese made in Lincolnshire
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